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Instructor: Terry Waltz, Ph.D.
Organizer and Sponsor: CLERC & Woodside Priory School
Date: Jun. 8-10, 2017 8:30AM to 3:00PM
Location: Woodside Priory School, Portola Valley, CA
Cost: $299 per person (Early Bird Before 4/30); $339 (Regular Before 5/31)
Breakfast and Lunch included!
Contact: Wei Kelly (刘维), Mark Zhang

  • Basic TPRS skills
  • Advanced TPRS skills
  • Story-asking
  • Personalized questions and…
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全美總會線上講座 - 人工智能科技在中文教學的應用與設計方法
Integration of Speech-Test and Translator Technologies in Chinese Learning
主講人: 石鴻珍博士 (Rosa Yeh, Ph.D.)
時間: 2017 年5 月 21 日(星期日)
線上講座方式: 透過網路 webex進行。


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- 本节目由 iMandarinPod 爱汉语播客 提供

Survival Chinese

This program provides the very basics of spoken Chinese. It helps learners deal with everyday situations for their living in a Chinese speaking environment. 

    數位學習 - 多媒體互動教材

    數位學習 - 多媒體互動教材


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    An Chung Cheng posted a discussion
    Backward design是把desire results 先订出来,然后以此设计出相关的教学内容跟活动。
    Lesson: 新年
    Desire Results: 希望学生上完课后,能有能力说明有关新年的装饰,食物跟庆典活动背后的意义。
    Activities:1. 上课前发quizlet, 让学生熟悉生词。上网课时大家就就可以一起玩kahoot测试学生对生词的熟悉度(认字)。2. 用break out…
    Feb 18, 2020
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    Feb 18, 2020
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