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  • Assessment in a proficiency-based language classroom / June 26-28, 2017
    Workshop Leaders: Matt Kanefsky, Assistant Director of Instruction—French, and Walter Hopkins, Assistant Director of Instruction—Spanish, Michigan State University
  • Increasing proficiency through World Language Core Practices / June 29, 2017 (one-day workshop)
    Workshop Leader: Erin Parris-Dallia, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools; President Elect, Michigan World Language Association; Fellow, Leadership Initiative for Language Learning
  • Reaching 21st century learners through unit design / June 30, 2017 (one-day workshop, section 1) / August 3, 2017 (one-day workshop, section 2, same content as June)
    Workshop Leader: Kellye Guzik, Glenbrook North High School, Chicago, IL; Fellow, Leadership Initiative for Language Learning
  • Teaching language with technology: Basic tools and techniques / July 31-August 2, 2017
    Workshop leader: Betsy Lavolette, Director of the Language Resource Center, Gettysburg College